Free Laptop License

We understand the Road-Warrior!
As an added bonus, we've updated our license to include one free installation of the full version of the same-ordered-software for your laptop! Now you can take BulletProof software on the road and use it at your favorite wi-fi point!

This allows your purchase BulletProof FTP Client for Windows to be installed on your desktop and laptop at the same time! If all you have is a laptop, then this license allows you to install the software on a chosen desktop or a second laptop. If you don't have a second computer, but run PC virtualization software (such as VMware), your second license can be used within this environment.


  • The free-laptop license is only available for orders which have an active support-entitlement.
  • This license extension does not cover cross-platform purchases. An example of this is, if you purchase BulletProof FTP Client for MAC; you can install the software on a Powerbook *and* a G5 Desktop. But you can not use the same license for a Windows machine or VirtualPC session.
  • How do I get my Free Laptop License
    Good news! Just follow the same exact instructions in the email you received with your purchase. We electronically handle all the nity-grity details, just sit back and use BulletProof Software where you like and enjoy your file-transferring out of the nasty fluorescent lights!

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