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BPFTP Client (Windows)
 After upgrading BPFTP will not connect?!
 BP sends random commands to the server to keep it connected.. What's the time limit before it sends those commands? Is it a fixed interval or is it changable?
 BPFTP is wrong, 1MB is really 1024KB and 1KB is really 1024 bytes.
 Can BPFTP display the total time remaining for all queued files?
 Can I get BPFTP to transfer the same queue at a specified time every hour/day automatically?
 Can I have BPFTP automatically shut down the computer after it's done with the transfers?
 Can I resume partially downloaded files that I began downloading with other software?
 Can I suppress the welcome message from a ftp server?
 Can you download more than one file at once or not?
 Can you give me quick start instructions for Downloading using BPFTP?
 Can you give me quick start instructions for Uploading using BPFTP?
 Does BPFTP contain spyware?
 During large transfers BPFTP times-out and the transfer fails.
 Each time I want to send some files I get "Disc quota exceeded" message and I do not know what does it mean.
 Error : 421 No more connection allowed for this IP.
 Error : 421 Sorry you are not welcomed on this server.
 Error : 530 No more connection allowed for this IP.
 Files are not appearing, or only some files are appearing in the window.
 Files are not appearing, or only some files are appearing in the window.
 Files are not uploading into the correct directories after I queue them, they are ending up elsewhere.
 From within BPFTP I get an "error 11001" when trying to access a FTP server.
 How can I do a virus scan on files after they are downloaded?
 How do I browse an FTP site when I'm not connected to it? (offline)
 How do I delete files?
 How do I display the percentage done of the current file being transferred AND the percentage for the entire Queue?
 How do I download from a ratio site? (eg an MP3 FTP server)
 How do I get files to be detected in the clipboard, but not downloaded straight away?
 How do I rename a file?
 How do I sort directory listings?
 How do I use "monitor directory"?
 How do I view hidden files?
 I always get an error message when trying to connect to sites, like "no route to host", "host not found", "Valid name,no data record of requested type" etc.. what's wrong?
 I am having problems getting "monitor directory" to notice when I make changes to files.
 I can't download, why is this?
 I can't get a directory listing via my HTTP style proxy server, why's this?
 I checked the option to resume uploading in BPFTP, yet it doesn't work. Why? Is if safe to say that if a site supports resume downloading, it will support resume uploading?
 I clicked on the file I want, It goes to the bottom box... now what? Do I click something or does it start downloading from there?
 I connect to a server and BPFTP comes up with an error "this server does not seem to support passive mode" what do I do?
 I do not like having to change my c:program filesbpFTP directory to my d:download directory. Is there any way to set my DEFAULT local directory ?
 I don't have any "Parent directories" showing up on either the local or remote side. When I go into a subdirectory, there is no way to return to the directory I came from.
 I find when I use a proxy server to download very large files my system will become very very slow after I begin to download.
 I get the error "Connection refused" when trying to access an FTP server.
 I get the error "Connection timed out" when trying to work with an FTP server.
 I get the error "No route to host" when trying to access an FTP server.
 I get the error "This control requires version 4.70 or greater of COMCTL32.DLL" when trying to use the scheduler. Where do I get this?
 I get this error on connect to all sites - Cache initialization failed!
 I only get "parent directory" in a directory where I'm sure there are files. Where did all the files go?
 I upgraded my BPFTP but my site manager list seems to have gone?
 I use BPFTP to transfer files between UNIX and PC on the same network. On large file transfers the average rate is 41 KB/sec. For some reason I can not increase the rate?
 I used to use CuteFTP which has a keepalive feature. That would be really nice for BPFTP.
 I want to queue a list of files for download from a website which I need to type a password in order to access. What do I need to to?
 I want to set my computer up so that I can d/l a file at night and when I get disconnected from the FTP, I want BPFTP to reconnect to the FTP and AUTO-RESUME. It pops up a window asking me if I want to resume, which is no good if I am not there.
 I'm having problems changing directories on site xyz, other sites work fine. Is this a bug?
 Is it possible to disable the site caching? I hate having to refresh directories every time I visit a site.
 Is it possible to save a file which will have views of the right hand window, the FTP site files and directories and the left view of your computer files and directories of BPFTP?
 Is it possible to tell BP FTP not to autoreconnect so hard? For example, autoreconnect and resume download in 15 minutes after the administrator disconnect the connection for some reason.
 Is it possible to transfer files from one directory to another using BPFTP at a remote FTP site?
 Is there a way to preserve the file date/time stamps when downloading and uploading?
 Say I've got a text file full of http://.. URL's that I want to download with BPFTP, one per line. Is there a way to add all these URL's into BPFTP's queue at once?
 The ability to drag-and-drop items between the queues in two (or more) open windows of BPFTP would be extremely useful.
 The files I download are often corrupt. What causes this?
 The site I want to connect only accepts a few FTP commands. On connecting BulletProof launches a LIST command, which is not recognize by the FTP site. How can I type commands myself instead letting BulletProof doing it?
 The URL verification window won't come to the front.
 What are all these files called 'Incomplete-'? BPFTP isn't restoring files - I thought this was supposed to be done automatically?
 What command line options does BPFTP offer?
 When BPFTP is downloading my system slows down to a crawl. What causes this?
 When I login to an FTP server I can't see any files in the remote window?
 When I queue files for download, it loses the path on the remote server where the files are. So, it tries to download from the current directory and, of course, fails.
 When I try to delete a directory it won't work?! How do i delete a directory with files in it all at once?
 When I try to upload stuff with BPFTP, it doesnt put the files in the directories its supposed to do.
 When I'm downloading or uploading large numbers of files, there seems to be a lot of overhead business going on between each transfer: commands like TYPE A, PORT ..., STOR ..., etc.
 When uploading, I always see an error "file not found."
 While using two sessions of BPFTP how does the clipboard monitoring function workout which session gets the cut?

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