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BP Go!Zilla
 After installing BulletProof Go!Zilla v3.3, my Netscape does not load up properly.
 Are there any versions available in languages other than English?
 BulletProof Go!Zilla crashes when starting in tray at system startup.
 BulletProof Go!Zilla is not capturing all downloads from Internet Explorer.
 BulletProof Go!Zilla is not saving my file list from session to session.
 BulletProof Go!Zilla keeps trying to intercept a file from my browser and I donÆt want it to.
 BulletProof Go!Zilla's download optimization is switching sites too much. What should I do?
 Cool! But I always get the message "unable to connect to ..." when BulletProof Go!Zilla tries to find those mirror sites. What should I do?
 Does BulletProof Go!Zilla 3.9 run on Win2K3/WinXP/Win2K/WinNT/Win95/Win98/WinME?
 During installation I get a message about "CTL3D.DLL".
 How can I find out if my proxy server supports resuming or not?
 How can I get BulletProof Go!Zilla to download files one after the other in a single file manner?
How can I get scheduled downloads to download single file at my selected time?
You can set how many files BulletProof Go!Zilla will download at once fr
 How do I disable BulletProof Go!Zilla for a particular link or site?
 How do I disable BulletProof Go!Zilla for a particular link or site?
 How do I drag and drop files into BulletProof Go!Zilla?
 How do I get BulletProof Go!Zilla to download from password protected sites?
 How do I uninstall BulletProof Go!Zilla?
 How do I use the Super Link Leecher?
 I am using Napster and BulletProof Go!Zilla doesn't start with it.
 I get "Unable to launch ICMP.DLL" when I run BulletProof Go!Zilla.
 I like how BulletProof Go!Zilla will select the quickest site for my download, but sometimes I want to download from a specific site from the list. How do I do this?
 I'm using a Local Area Network/Cable/DSL connection. How do I get it to work?
 I'm using BulletProof Go!Zilla with Zone Alarm, and my scheduled downloads aren't starting properly. What do I do?
 I've heard rumors about privacy concerns with ad-sponsored software. What can you tell me about that?
 In 3.9+, I have a problem with the display of the download window. Some buttons are missing or appear blacked out.
 Is BulletProof Go!Zilla compatible with AOL?
 Is BulletProof Go!Zilla compatible with Netscape 6.0?
 Is BulletProof Go!Zilla compatible with Opera? What about NeoPlanet?
 Is BulletProof Go!Zilla Year2000 compliant?
 Is there a version available for Linux/Mac?
 Microsoft Word Program crashes during some Copy & Paste operations when BulletProof Go!Zilla is running.
 Sounds Great! But why are MY downloads never resumed from where I got disconnected?
 What are the minimum requirements for BulletProof Go!Zilla 3.92?
 What do the Trip, Hops, Loss & Status mean on the site speed check?
 What's this about downloading from the fastest site?
 When BulletProof Go!Zilla is loading up I get "Failed to Initialize RichEdit".
 When BulletProof Go!Zilla starts up I get an "Unable to create empty document" message.
 When BulletProof Go!Zilla starts up I get an "Unknown file format" message.
 When I download a file, I get "Houston, we have a problem"
 Whenever BulletProof Go!Zilla does a site speed check, I always get 100% loss.
 Whenever I change some options like "Default Download Directory" it doesn't seem to have any effect.
 Whenever I start up Windows, it is trying to make an internet connection.
 Whenever I try to download I get a message that says "Unable to locate Down.exe Make sure it is in your BulletProof Go!Zilla program directory".
 Where are the sounds?
 While trying to uninstall, I get an "Unable to open Install.log" error.
 Why doesn't BulletProof Go!Zilla download from Xdrive, I-Drive, or similar sites?

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