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BPFTP Client (Windows) / Special Features
 BP sends random commands to the server to keep it connected.. What's the time limit before it sends those commands? Is it a fixed interval or is it changable?
 Can I get BPFTP to transfer the same queue at a specified time every hour/day automatically?
 Can I have BPFTP automatically shut down the computer after it's done with the transfers?
 How can I do a virus scan on files after they are downloaded?
 How do I browse an FTP site when I'm not connected to it? (offline)
 How do I use "monitor directory"?
 How do I view hidden files?
 I am having problems getting "monitor directory" to notice when I make changes to files.
 Is it possible to disable the site caching? I hate having to refresh directories every time I visit a site.
 Is it possible to save a file which will have views of the right hand window, the FTP site files and directories and the left view of your computer files and directories of BPFTP?
 Is it possible to tell BP FTP not to autoreconnect so hard? For example, autoreconnect and resume download in 15 minutes after the administrator disconnect the connection for some reason.
 Is it possible to transfer files from one directory to another using BPFTP at a remote FTP site?
 Is there a way to preserve the file date/time stamps when downloading and uploading?
 Say I've got a text file full of http://.. URL's that I want to download with BPFTP, one per line. Is there a way to add all these URL's into BPFTP's queue at once?
 The ability to drag-and-drop items between the queues in two (or more) open windows of BPFTP would be extremely useful.
 The site I want to connect only accepts a few FTP commands. On connecting BulletProof launches a LIST command, which is not recognize by the FTP site. How can I type commands myself instead letting BulletProof doing it?
 What command line options does BPFTP offer?
 While using two sessions of BPFTP how does the clipboard monitoring function workout which session gets the cut?

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